Instructions for cancellation

  1. If the tenant cancel earlier than 30 days before the arrival day the booking fee is payed back except for a service fee of SEK 500 for every house reservation.
  2. If the tenant cancel less than 30 days before arrival day the whole amount will be charged.
  3. 3. Changes that imply another arrival day is considered as a cancel of the reservation and a new reservation. For changes of name of "smaller" changes in the reservation an amount of SEK 300 will be charged.
  4. 4. A cancellation of the reservation must always be made in writing and is valid from the day that SAFSEN FRITIDS AB receives the cancellation.
  5. 5. Cancellation insurance. The tenant can protect oneself against costs in accordance with 2) by signing a voluntary cancellationinsurance (SEK 300 per booked house)
  6. 6. If the tenant has payed a cancellation insurance and the cancellation is made later than 30 days, but not later than 1 day before the day of arrival, and when the tenant can present a medical certificate which clearly states that illness or accident is a serious impediment for the journey only the service fee of SEK 500 and the cancellation insurance of SEK 300 is charged, repayment is made of the remainingamount.